SCDAR Skit Committee

Lip-Sync Challenge


“Because our members work so hard at many SCDAR projects, this Chair decided it was time to have some fun by challenging each chapter to a lip-sync contest. Lip-syncing is when you take that favorite song you hear on the radio and pretend to sing it. Police Departments are doing it, Doctors are doing it, famous celebrities are doing it -- and now SCDAR is doing it!” ~ Lynda Abegg, Skit Chair

So, pick up that hairbrush you use for a microphone and belt out that favorite song while you video it on your phone. You know, that song you sing in front of the bathroom mirror, the one you dance around the living room to while dusting, the song you slow-danced to at prom with that special guy.

It can be a solo, a duet, or a group endeavor. It can be your favorite song by ABBA, Dolly Parton or Cher, even the Beatles! It can be from a Broadway Show, a golden oldie or a good old-time gospel song. Don’t forget those military marches!

Many of you have created wonderful period dresses, this is the perfect time to put them on and lip-sync a song from Hamilton. Any divas want to lip-sync their favorite aria?

The videos will be posted at Fall Forum for everyone to enjoy! …and there will be prizes!! Please contact Lynda Abegg for information.