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Greetings from Mrs. Billham!

Bells of Peace 2018

Dear SCDAR Daughters,

When I set the theme of my administration for “Daughter’s Hearts Unite in Service,” it was driven by a combination of influences that included God, Home, and Country. The theme instinctively felt right and I trusted that we would find guideposts and encouragement for our next three years of service to our communities.

In the initial weeks of this administration, I have been overwhelmed with the foreshadowing and appropriateness of this theme. Our “Daughter’s Hearts” have united to provide a wonderful welcome to our President General, Mrs. Ann Dillon. We have already united as a state and provided charitable funding to the SC Battleground Preservation Trust to help preserve the physical legacy of our Revolutionary War battlefields. And today, I learned of another opportunity to “Unite in Service” and commemorate the sacrifice of our World War I veterans as part of “Bells of Peace.” Bells of Peace will be rung across America on November 11 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice, in a collaborative project announced by the US World War I Centennial Commission.

This program is aimed at bringing together places of worship, schools, town halls and community organizations in a nationwide act of remembrance.

The call has gone out for pledges to participate at 11am (local time), marking the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month when the ceasefire ending WWI came into effect in 1918.

In Washington DC, the bells of the National Cathedral will toll at an interfaith service commemorating all those who served, and the 116,516 Americans who never came home.

Daughters, let's do this as a statewide project. It would be a perfect example of “Daughter’s Hearts Unite in Service.” It falls right in line with our NSDAR motto, “God, Home and Country."

I am challenging all South Carolina chapters and especially those that are located in close proximity of each other to combine their efforts and contact their churches, schools, town halls and community centers to ring their bells for peace and commemorate WWI Armistice Day on the 100th anniversary, 11th hour, 11th day, 11th month, 2018.

Chapters should make a list of contacted organizations and submit it to their District Directors. We will tally the numbers and report the total at our SCDAR Spring Conference.

Daughter’s Hearts Unite in Service,


(image via Boston Public Library Armistice Day parade on Tremont Street in Boston, 1929)

Jill Templeton